Hoymk SSR-D3808HK 8A DC-AC Phase Solid State Relay SSR D3808HK

Product Features:
1, input and output between the heat sink isolation voltage withstand 1500VAC;
2, built-in RC snubber circuit;
3, equipped with security seal;
4, Build-out an external potentiometer output voltage regulation, simplification;
5, thyristor phase-shifted output adjust range;
6, 100% load current aging tests, through the European Union CE certification, the international ISO9000 certification, the 3C certification


Control: DC Control AC

Load Current: < 3 Amps no cooling > 3 Amps Heat Sink is required

Load Voltage :24-380VAC

Control Voltage 3-32VDC

Current DC:3-25mA

-State Leakage Current: 2mA

-State Pressure 1.5VAC

Off Time 10mS

Dielectric Withstand Voltage :1500VAC

Insulation Resistance: 500M /500VDC

Working Temperature:-25 -+ 70

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SSR-3808HK Solid State Relay

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