About Us

Robo-Tank is a small company based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada owned and operated by Rob Fowler. As a small business my main goal is to keep you satisfied and I strive to achieve the best possible service available, you can contact me any time as I'm always here to help.

In 2015 Robo-Tank entered the market place with an all-in-one aquarium controller which slowly grew but do to the complexity and unable to keep up I've decided to stop selling it and focus on the most used feature, the auto top off system. 

Every saltwater or reef tank requires an accurate and reliable system to keep the aquarium water level, which brings you to me and the Robo-Tank ATO.

I'm confident I can provide you a better ATO than the big boys at a lower cost, in fact I offer a 2 year warranty on the ATO module. 

Please be at ease and order today, you won't be disappointed.

If you have any questions be sure to contact me by clicking here.