Robo-Tank Plug and Play kits comes with a limited 30 day warranty and all kits come with an extended limited 1 year warranty.

Due to the nature of the product the warranty is limited as many things are out of my control.

Any kits requiring assembly are not covered by the 30 day warranty but are covered by the same limited 1 year warranty below except for the AC power bar, this must be ordered pre-assembled to be covered.

If Robo-Tank is purchased as a Plug and Play kit it's fully covered for 30 days from date of delivery excluding the temperature sensors.

After 30 days the following limited 1 year warranty applies

Warranty Covers the following after 30 days

  • Controller circuit board (limited) **
  • Display circuit board
  • AC power bar if ordered pre-assembled
  • pH circuit
Warranty Does not cover the following after 30 days

  • Actual touch screen
  • Arduino Dues
  • SD cards
  • DC power supply
  • w5100 Ethernet module

** Controller circuit board is covered from normal defects, if something is connected wrong the warranty is void and it will not be covered. Take care when connecting new sensors or equipment not to connect them backwards. There is a manual available showing all the pin-outs of controller and each connector with orientation so this can be avoided.

Any problems should be reported with as much detail as possible. If the problem can't be sorted out you can ship the defective part at your expense (free within the first 14 days) and it will be repaired or replaced and ship back to you at my expense.

If it's clearly determined the damage was caused by human error or water damage the warranty does not apply but I can give you a good price for replacement.

Please do not ship anything without contacting me first.

With all this said the hardware is reliable and many users still run all the original parts from years ago. The display is also very reliable, they don't fade or burn images over time even if always left on as I do. The Arduinos and w5100 are also good quality and there are few problems with them. The most issues have been with SD cards and the odd power supply. I now ship power supplies that are much larger than required so they don't die prematurely. 

The actual Robo-Tank circuit boards are made from high quality components and have undergone many revisions so they are reliable in the real world. If nothing is hooked up wrong you shouldn't experience any issues.

Robo-Tank is assembled in house with great care and fully tested.

Last Updated: May 11, 2019