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What can Robo-Tank and reef-pi do?

Did you know you can keep your kidney and still have a fully automated aquarium controller for your freshwater or reef tank?

It's true and Robo-Tank can do it for you too!

Robo-Tank is a reliable hardware solution for the open-source reef-pi aquarium controller software that runs on a Raspberry Pi. The controller is available in a DIY kit for those who enjoy getting their hands a little dirty or you can receive it fully assembled in a 3D printed case.

A new era has arrived in aquarium controllers…

Robo-Tank controls the equipment on your reef tank or freshwater aquarium with flexibility, ultimately you can use any sensor parameter, timer or macro to control any equipment using the power of reef-pi.

Robo-Tank Deluxe Aquarium Controller for reef-pi

Hardware Design

The Robo-Tank aquarium controller was designed to be extremely flexible, affordable and most importantly, reliable. The controller combines DIY with plug and play in a manner that makes it friendly and easy to adapt to. The layout is modular based allowing it to fit a variety of scenarios and custom tailored to your requirements. It's constructed using high quality components with various levels of protection built in to ensure it withstands the test of time. It's available bundled in a nicely printed 3D case to protect it from the elements or as a DIY kit.

Main Controller
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Equipment Extension
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Deluxe Sensor Extension
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AC Power Bar Extension
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Compatible Equipment and Sensors

  • Control AC power outlets 120v – 240v
  • Control 12v-24v DC powered equipment
  • Ports that can output PWM or Analog signal at 0-5v or 0-10v to control factory equipment
  • Setup multiple automatic top off systems
  • Setup multiple automatic water change systems
  • Monitor temperature and humidity
  • Monitor pH
  • Monitor various water sensors

Customer Reviews

The controller is essentially a shield for any Raspberry Pi with a 40 pin I/O header. If you use a Pi 3 or 4 two of the edges line up with the controller board so you have access to the USB ports, Ethernet, HDMI and audio ports externally when the board is put in a case. You can use a Pi Zero W or Pi Zero 2 W but won't have external access to its ports.

reef-pi Open-Source Software

Dosing Pumps


Robo-Tank Isolated pH Circuit for reef-pi

Robo-Tank Isolated pH Circuit for reef-pi

This is a precise, fully isolated pH circuit constructed using high quality components and designed ..

$39.95 USD $49.95 USD

Reef-pi Deluxe Aquarium Controller - DIY Kit

Reef-pi Deluxe Aquarium Controller - DIY Kit

This package is the deluxe aquarium controller kit in a DIY PCB format for greatest savings. There a..

$109.95 USD

Reef-pi Basic Aquarium Controller with AC Power Bar Fully Assembled

Reef-pi Basic Aquarium Controller with AC Power Bar Fully Assembled

This package is the basic aquarium controller kit, it's a stripped down kit as you may already have ..

$189.95 USD