Robo-Tank Required Accessories

The links below are accessories that are required to run the controller, due to weight and logistics it's cheaper for you to order these using the links or from another source. Please note these are Amazon affiliate links and I do earn a small commission. 

Accessories for Controller

Raspberry Pi - You will need a Raspberry Pi, it can be a Pi Zero W, Pi Zero 2 W, Pi 3 or Pi 4.

        Pi Zero 2 W      -

        Pi 3                    -

        Pi Zero WH      -

        Pi 4                    -

MicroSD Card - You'll need any microSD card at least 8gb in size but can be larger. This is used in the Raspberry Pi.

        16 GB         -

12v DC Power Supply - The 12v DC power supply will power up the controller and Raspberry Pi when it's plugged into the controller board. The power supply should be at least 3 amps and there is not limit on size as long as it's 12v DC. I recommend 5 amp power supply so you have reserve power to run DC equipment on the controller. The connector on power supply needs to be a 5.5mm x 2.1mm barrel.

        12v 5amp DC  -

Accessories for AC Power Bar

Straight Through Male to Female DB9 Serial Cable - This is used to connect the AC power bar to the controller, it can be between 1 foot and 25 feet. The cable must be straight through and NOT a null modem cable.

        6ft Serial Cable  -

AC Power Cord - This is used to power the up AC power bar, it's the same power cable used on most desktop computers, monitors, TVs and printers.

        6ft 16awg Power Cord  -

Updated November 14, 2021