This is a great addition to Robo-Tank or any reef-pi DIY build, it allows you to switch 2 DC powered devices up to 24 volts and has 6 sensor ports that can be easily configured to match your sensors.

Simply plug it into one of the DB9 sockets on the Deluxe controller or use a DB9 adapter and connect directly to any Raspberry Pi GPIO pins. 

2 Heavy Duty DC Ports

All the DC ports have a dedicated backup port for a float switch to shut down the DC port in case of an emergency. The backup ports are wired to bypass the Raspberry Pi and electronics ensuring if the Raspberry Pi, controller or code fails you'll still have protection. These are great for critical applications such as your automatic top off pump or valves you may be controlling. If you don't need a backup sensor you can simply add a jumper wire to the plug. For non critical applications you can leave the DC port activated in reef-pi and use the backup port with a regular on/off switch to turn it on/off, great for lights inside cabinets and it frees up a regular sensor port.

  • 12v - 24v DC Power Input
  • Up to 4 amps per port

6 Sensor Ports

The sensor ports have two convenient pluggable jumpers which allows a variety of sensors to be compatible and lowers the chance of needing extra resistors. Set the two corresponding jumpers to the sensor type your using, add the pluggable screw terminal connector to your sensor and you'll be set.

Each of the sensors ports are compatible with most 5v sensors even though the Pi is only 3.3v. Safely use optical, non-contact, float switches or most other Arduino based analog or digital sensor. Please note if you sensor is analog it will only read on or off which is acceptable for most sensor types.

Package Includes

  • Extension installed in 3D printed case - select color on right
  • Face plate installed on case
  • 15, 2-3 pin pluggable screw terminal connectors
  • 12 pluggable jumpers for sensor ports

Parts Required

  • Straight Through DB9 9 pin Serial cable to connect power bar to controller - EXAMPLE
  • 12-24 Volt DC power supply to power up the extension, number of Amps and voltage should be enough to power the DC equipment you connect

3D Printed Case

The extension comes in a 3D printed case, choose a color on the right side. There many be small defects due to 3D printing but any will be minor and only have a visual effect.


- All DC ports output the input voltage.

- If you connect to the Robo-Tank Deluxe controller you can only turn the DC ports on/off, there is no speed control. 

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Reef-pi Extension - 2 DC Ports + 6 Sensor Ports Fully Assembled

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