Robo-Tank Aquarium Controller Deluxe

Robo-Tank DIY Aquarium Controller For Freshwater, Saltwater and Reef Tanks

Robo-Tank is an all-in-one aquarium controller and the new kid on the block looking to build a name. It started as a DIY solution but has grown into a plug and play system as well. Robo-Tank might not be the prettiest but as a wise man once said, "Don’t judge an aquarium controller by its looks". Inside the 3D printed case is a 32-bit microcontroller running at 84 MHz so everything is done in real time. It comes equipped with a 7” touch screen, a power monitoring AC power bar, pH probe, temperature sensors and necessary accessories.

I've been developing the controller over the past 3 years and the hardware has gone through many revisions so it's of high quality and reliable in a real world environment and it's setup to be expandable so you can manage any saltwater or freshwater fish tank. Although Robo-Tank is geared towards aquariums it's also great for horticulture as growing typically uses similar equipment.

Robo-Tank is a fully functioning controller but still under development as there are still features I want to add along with some hardware expansions. The hardware for the controller is in its final state so future updates are mainly software related which are free for life and can easily upload to the controller using your computer. In order to continue developing I'm in need of some funds so I'm having a major sale as this is the only way to achieve it. If you don't require an aquarium controller could you please share this page as I could use all the help I can get and I will forever appreciate it.

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Sale Details

A complete Robo-Tank Plug and Play aquarium controller with a 7” touch screen, energy monitoring 8 outlet AC power bar, pH module with standard pH probe, temperature sensors and other accessories typically sells for $489.95 but for this sale is only $424.95 + shipping.

You can find the sale listing by clicking here.

This alone is a great deal and the very best I can do but I wanted to do better so I’ve setup goals to be reached which will unlock bonuses and possible draws for free controllers. As I’m a small business I don’t have buying power so as sales add up I can get better prices and pass this on to you while still making a bit of money. I’ve crunched the numbers and this is what we can achieve if we work together. On this page there will be a counter showing the number of controllers sold so you can follow along.


The sale runs for 45 days, once completed the total number of controllers sold will determine which bonuses are added to your order.

The first goal is reached when 30 controllers are sold, this will unlock an add-on of your choice and has a value of $50-$80.

The 2nd goal is reached when 60 controllers are sold and will unlock two free add-ons of your choice, this has a value of $100-$160.

The 3rd goal is what I would like to see and gives you the best overall value, it’s achieved when 90 controllers are sold. This will give you a second 8 outlet energy monitoring AC power bar valued at $189.95.

At this point I can’t do a lot more but there is one more goal. If 150 controllers are sold you’ll get the extra AC power bar and an add-on of your choice. This could bring the Robo-Tank value to $800 which wouldn't be near enough to buy the equivalent from the other guys...

But wait, it gets more interesting. I'm going to add a draw to the mix for some suspense. This means you could get a free Robo-Tank system, imagine that! If 50 controllers are sold all the names from the sales will go in a draw and one lucky person will get a free controller. This also applies when 100, 125, and 150 controllers are sold. From this point for every 25 sold there will be one more draw. Please note these draws do not include the bonuses and you still have to pay for shipping but does get you the full controller and the draws will be done when the sale ends, if you win you'll receive a refund through PayPal less shipping.

Be sure to get the word out so you have a better chance of getting bonuses or winning a free system. There's a Facebook and Twitter button on the left side to share a link.

Time Frame

Once the sale is over I will order the parts, this process could take up to 3-4 weeks for everything. It will take about 2 weeks to get the PCB’s, once I receive them I will start assembling and shipping will start soon after. Orders will be shipped in order received. PayPal allows you 180 days after payment to file a dispute so you are fully protected through them.

Sign up above for a reminder when the sale starts or if you have any questions contact me.

Choose from the following addons

  • Additional pH module, probe not included
  • Conductivity module to monitor salinity, probe not included **
  • 4 port dosing pump module**
  • 8 port temperature sensor module**
  • 8 port analog/digital sensor and switch module**
  • 4 port flow meter module**
  • 4 port DC accessory module**
  • 2 port high current DC accessory module**
  • Automatic top off system (ATO) with float switches**
  • Automatic fish feeder module**

** please note these addons are not yet available, the software is setup but I haven’t gotten to designing the modules yet, this will be done over the next few months and the addon will be shipped at that time. The pH module and AC power bars are available now.

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graph icon Full Featured Energy Monitoring

Energy and Power Monitoring

Robo-Tank is equipped with a full featured AC power bar which uses highly reliable TRIACs for switching and will monitor power consumption for each outlet which can save your fish tank when things go wrong. As an example if your heater turns on but isn't drawing the typical power you will get an instant email alert so you can take action before your aquarium cools down. After plugging anything into the power bar for the first time you can easily start a training mode for the outlet which will run for 24 hours and determine the levels for the alarm.

You can also setup an emergency mode using the touch screen which is stored in the power bar. This is great if the power goes out and your power bar is plugged into a UPS backup power supply, it will automatically switch each outlet during this event and restore when connection is made to the controller again. This can put your saltwater or freshwater tank in a life support mode during those natural disasters.

Watts, amps and watt hours consumed are all logged and can be viewed using graphs, with these it's easy to know exactly how your equipment is operating. There's also detailed logs which show daily or monthly consumption and cost for individual outlets or the overall power bar. The controller also generates cost estimates for each outlet or overall which can help you bring your cost of operating down plus much more.

graph icon Aquarium Data Logs and Graphs

Aquarium Graphs and Logs

Look back in time on your aquarium using graphs and logs. The controller logs all of the sensors connected allowing you to view each of them in a day, week, bi-weekly or monthly format. You can switch between a bar graph and line graph and easily navigate through the days, weeks or months. The current day or range of days being viewed is displayed at the bottom so you always know what you're looking at and the current sensor value is also displayed. You can also turn on an optional vertical grid so you get a clearer view and the colors on the graph match the button on the menu.

All the graphs have an auto-range feature, this finds the minimum and maximum value for the data being viewed on your aquarium and draws the graph based on that, you can also zoom in or out from there. Each of the sensors data is logged every 8.5 minutes and all the data goes on the SD card. There's no limit how much data is stored, the display is setup to look back 10 years in time. Each day's data for the sensor is stored in a seperate file CSV for easy importing into Excel or other programs. The file name is the date the file was created so its easy to go through the files and pick out certain days.

There's also a detailed equipment log which will record any actions taken with any of the equipment, it records the time, action and what caused it to switch.

custom controller rules icon Custom Controller Rules

Controller Custom Rules
Unlock Robo-Tanks full potential using custom rules, with these you can achieve almost anything with the Robo-Tank aquarium controller. You can easily create custom rules using any of the parameters the controller reads such as temperatures, float switchs, pH, conductivity, flow, power consumption and lots more. No programming is required, simply touch you're way through the setup.

When you access the customs rules page on the controller you are presented with a list of the rules that have been created. These are sorted by sensor type in the same order as the image. For example all rules related to water temperature will show up first, then air temp, etc... If you need to remove a custom rule simply press the delete button and its gone or you have the option to disable it until later use.

The custom rules allow you to control AC outlets, run any dosing pump or control the DC accessory ports. If you create a rule which runs an aquarium dosing pump you can set a timer so that dosing pump never runs again until that time has past plus other advance features and timers. The custom rules also intergrate into the maintenance and feed schedules so you have full control during all periods of operation without mixing them.

custom AC outlet icon Customize AC Outlet Icons

Customize Controller Outlets

With up to 64 AC power outlets it can be hard to remember what's plugged in each outlet, if not nearly impossible. Luckily we have a solution, you can assign custom outlet icons to all of the outlets and choose from a wide range of 60 icons. For example, you have a power head plugged into outlet one so you set that outlet as a power head. Two months later you decide you want a heater plugged in outlet two, simply change the icon to a heater. Heater and chiller outlets are special because they turn on/off automatically based on a temperature you select, when you move the heater or chiller icon from outlet 2 to outlet 3 the controller knows and will now control outlet 3. You can plug in 3 heaters or chillers and control each of them independently based on your selected temperature range. Each outlet has its own on/off schedule, the schedule shows what you have plugged in each outlet so you always know. You can also assign a custom name to each outlet using an on screen keyboard which will appear through out the user interface and in the equipment logs.

This same set of features is available for the DC accessories, the controller supports 4 but can be expanded to 16.

Custom Slider Icon Customize LED Slider Colors

Customize Controller LED Sliders

Robo-Tank has 16 5v PWM LED channels available for your aquarium giving you complete control over your lighting. Each channel has 4095 increments allowing you to control small and large LED with precision. Schedule up to 11 different fades each day and have the option to run a lunar moon. There's also 10 temporary lighting mode which is great for adjusting the light at any given time without affecting your four regular lighting modes.

Its easy to change the values and see the changes you make because each channel is controlled using a slider. And of course like the power outlets, you can customize the color of each slider so it reflects the LED color on that channel. When you update your lighting system change each of the colors on an given channel and see what you control not guess.

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Robo-Tank Complete Aquarium Controller Kit - Plug and Play

Robo-Tank Complete Aquarium Controller Kit - Plug and Play

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