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having problems updating
That'll be related to the SD card, it probably isn't being seen. If you connect display to computer and open IDE serial monitor it'll say if the SD card was initialized, if it isn't try removing and plugging card back in and close/open serial monitor which will restart display and see if it's seen then. If not try reformatting the SD card and replacing the files.
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Yeah the IDE isn't seeing it I tried reformatting reloading the SD cards but it still isn't showing SD initialized on the serial monitor on the display and controller
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Are you getting any text in the serial monitor, if not at the bottom right corner you will see a baud rate, set it to 115200.
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Sliding the SD in and out a couple of times might work.
It “cleans” the contacts so to speak
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when running serial monitor on the display I get

Starting Robo-Tank v5.13
Initializing sd card...
ERROR - sd card initialization failed!
ERROR - Can't find homeIcon.raw file!
Eeprom Test - This Should Read 50: 50
Starting Controller -------------------
Startup Complete ----------------------2924
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Do you have a spare SD card to try?
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Just tried another SD card and seems like everything working now. I got Icons on the display thanks for help fietsenex
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Happened to me couple of times in the past..
Your old card is probably Just fine when you reformat it (in grain) and copy all the files on it.
Sometimes cards will lock up or something when they were read to many times, reformating and writing files on it “resets” them most of the cases ;)
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I will keep that in mind. I did try reformatting the old card for some reason that didn't work. good thing I had another card laying around.
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Glad you got it solved, maybe try downloading SDFormatter to see if it helps. I've read Windows format isn't the best for Arduinos this one apparently does it different. I haven't seen a difference but have read others have.

Oh and fietsenrex you're hired but sorry I can't pay you lol...
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Discounts Should do :p
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