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Custom Reminders
Rob, in the future would it be possible to set up custom reminder emails?  For example a reminder to clean a pump every 6 months and have it send an email when the reminder comes up.  Or have a flow meter counting the gallons of water through an R/O membrane and have an email sent to change the membrane after so many thousands of gallons. Because of the large variation in what people may want, I think it would be best to have a keyboard on the screen to make a custom message.
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That sounds like a good Idea. did you have some thing like that you where thinking about Rob? maybe for a future update? just sounds like a familiar topic we talked about before.
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Yeah I'm going to have something for the reminder emails in the maintenance system. I was going to add a low flow alert for the flow meters, if flow drops before the set level it will send the alert. I never thought of an alert for water volume but will do that as I can see it being useful. There already is a keyboard, it'll be what I use for all data entry. You can see it by going to settings, customize, labels and press any label.
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