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Any recommended Dosing pump

 I bought few cheap Chinese Peristaltic Pump and during calibration it is accurate but after it will be very inaccurate 

Instead of 5 ml it will give 2ml or 10 ml depending on its mood  K0503

Any recommended pump you guys are using that are quite accurate.

Any reason to stick to Peristaltic Pump and not use a small diaphragm pump instead

Looking at these one 

Peristaltic Pump 12v

diaphragm pump 12v


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Hi Fred, how long is it sitting before you get varying results? Depending how the hoses are sitting you could be losing the prime, do you see some empty tube below the pump? When you setup the pumps it's best to have them like the image you attached, this way the prime can't be lost as easy.

Those other pumps you linked will work to.
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You Should always fit check valves on your dosing pumps.
Although peristaltic pumps shouldn’t need them it is best to fit them anyways
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Will try it again today
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