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Rott's Bulid Thread
This is going to be where I post things as I go a long on my build and hopefully  my Ideas will some one else as they start on there build's

Because I do have a real Job and Life I will only work on this as time allows and that probably won't be every day.

 OK guess most of you will need a box to put all your stuff in this is mine.

ok so the next thing is you need a way to make the board lineup with some holes on the box to plug your stuff in to so what I have is the relays and power supply will sit on the bottom so the holes had to be higher than them. so once every thing was placed and measured and cut out I was ready. And at this point for every one that does the DIY them self this is going to be a different box and hole height if you need a box send an email to Rob here @ robo tank he has a link to a nice box that is very durable.

so once it was cut I need to raise the board after many I mean many email with Rob the stand off size is #4-40 use that as a sizing guide I tried M3 what by the charts I believed was the same size I was very wrong M3 is closer to a 1/4 inch. #4-40 is the smaller one.

so once you get that all taken care of and have the correct standoffs you can buy them any where you want just get a few size's you will need them so what I did is used a few different sizes of standoffs and used a 1" long screw and just cut it in half that way you can use a 1" and a 1/4 standoff on the front board and the little board on the back will need 2 x 1" the other reason to cut the screws is so you can have the screw head go threw the board not necessary where you join the to together at.

I plan to use just a ebay cheap relay but know Rob has changed the software side to 16 relays I wonder if I can get 16 to fit in there I do have extra room but this is the relay unit I am using for now I am sure everyone has seen it but for people that maybe new this is it

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After you have every thing and got your standoffs and boards time for a dry fit to make sure it all fits right. What I did was this I placed it all in the box to make sure it fit correct the power supply gave me some problems and I removed the top cover to save space

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Nice, its coming together finally. You wouldn't want to put the other 8 relays in that box unless you think you can put 8 more outlets on it. That would be a lot of thick power cord needed to switches the outlets.
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I thought about that later and how hard I might be to get all the wires to fit in there so I am waiting to see what you come up with.

so what is the final say on internet and how it connects to every thing ?
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It'll look like my first box, something you don't want haha.

I got a lot done last night on the internet, stayed up all night because I was doing good. 

The page loads very fast and uses ajax to continually update the page. It uses basic authentication so its somewhat secure. I plan to have the controller generate the username and password so it can easily be changed anytime and without touching the code. The Due isn't using much of its processing power, while on the network it hardly slows down. Everything on the page works. It shows the current light mode along with fade icons and time if its in the middle of one. All the power controls work, when I change one on the web the icon on the display upgrades and when I change it on the controller the web page auto updates. 

[Image: Ethernet%20Screenshot.jpg]
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Oh for connecting it to the controller you use a standard USB printer cable. It connects to the square USB-B jack on the connector board and to the back of the ethernet board. Here's a pic assembled.

[Image: DSCN0076-Optimized.JPG]
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damn that is nice.. due is on the bottom I have one.. Ethernet on top I have one.. (newer model) hehehe I forget what the new connection board is in the center. I know we talked about just can not remember it.

is mine in the mail gladly pay you on second Tuesday next week
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Thanks, I can't believe I forgot the 2x3 header for the shield, thankfully its an easy fix. I'll explain all the port again soon, I have to write a small manual for the board so it makes sense. Sorry not in the mail yet haha, hopefully very soon, there isn't enough hours in a day.
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I can wait see this is me waiting   K05134
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I'm doing to much  K0519 and not enough  K05178
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Well after so much soldering and waiting on parts I should of all ready ordered my controller is DONE!!!!!

If you want to see a neat video here is a little on of my done controller
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Awesome video, you made my day. Smile So now the question is will 150ft work. K05163
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ok lets don't get greedy
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Got my 2 new box's in the mail today from mouser now I just have to cut them to fit.. Just do not want to mess them up
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