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Skwerl build so far...
Pardon the mess!! Still some wiring and organization left to do.. Lots more zip ties needed! You can kind of make out the wiring needed for the I2C adapter boards. Everything had to fit into a pretty small space. I used a larger TDK Lambda 12VDC power supply that I had laying around at work.
The grey DIN terminals are fuse holders.

Close-up of the DAC used to convert PWM from the controller to 0-3.3V analog that my weird cheap Chinese LED's use for dimming.

The sump. All float switches, pumps, flowmeters, UV light, skimmer, etc. are isolated from the electrical. Still yet to install is the ATO pump and possibly a couple dosing pumps.

The connectors are supposedly IP67 or IP68 (waterproof), but if it really gets to that point I have more to worry about. Splashproof for sure, anyway. Ebay find from China, they seem pretty solid, about $2 apiece IIRC. O-rings where they should be. All the wiring is enclosed and goes through a hole in the side that leads to the electrical (upper left corner of the first pic)

Not the best pic, but a work in progress. Next step is getting more rock and critters, and finishing the wood paneling/cabinet doors. Still gotta figure out where to mount the display... Oh yeah, and probably finish that wiring!
I don't have a better pic yet that shows the orientation, but all the electrical shown in the first pic is housed behind the left most vertical member of the stand in this picture (to the left of the carbon reactor/filter). The depth of the electrical "panel" is the width of that vertical 2x4.

Not shown is the RO/DI filter and saltwater mixing barrel (with float switches, solenoid valves, pump and heater) in the basement. It's kind of stand-alone, using relays to fill to a certain level and then turn on a circulating pump and heater when full. It also includes a high level alarm that shuts everything down. 
Not easily seen in the sump is a RO/DI reservoir with an empty and full float switch which directs the controller to send an RO/DI request signal to the basement relay box. This 2 gallon reservoir keeps the filter from short cycling. I still have to make a mount for the ATO pump for it. In the first pic, you can kinda see the mosfet mounted near the USB ports needed to switch the negative DC accessory control port to +12V that I needed for the RO/DI request signal. I didn't realize this until later, otherwise I might have come up with a more elegant solution.
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Nice touch with the waterproof connectors for the various sensors in the sump
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Looks good, I also like that panel with all the connectors and how you have the controller and power supply isolated from the sump area, looks like everything should stay dry. Let us know where you end up mounting the display. Don't forget to add the photocell to the display so it can auto dim, cable length shouldn't be an issue for that.
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