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8 relay power board
Hi  All

So I have joined the Robo-tank craze and I thought while I was waiting I'd design and make 8 outlet powerboards.  I have made it out of acrylic. 

Here is the work in progress so far while I wait for things to arrive. 
Feel free to chime in on your comments or thoughts or any changes your recommend. 

Thanks Theo 


1 and 8 are spaced a little further from the rest in order to hold the bigger plug packs. E.g. Light transformers



Back panel will be removable by 4 screws for servicing and repair.
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I love it, can't wait to see the display wrapped up. How will you power up the relay board? Are you going to run power from the main power bar? If so you need 3 pin din instead, 2 for 5v and one for ground. The relay board has 2 power inputs so it can be isolated, on the power bar board I have two 5v regulators, you want to power the relay board from both of them so its isolated. You can power the relay board with a separate power supply which would isolated it but you still need a common ground going to it.
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