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Timer stuck in a loop
I setup a 12v pump on DC1 of the equipment extension for an ATO using timers instead of sensors. I set the timers as "on then off" after 10 seconds. I had 4 timers setup. One each at 1 pm 3 pm 5 pm and 7pm. It seemed to work until I came home after a dog walk at 7:30pm and noticed my sump was over my fill line. 
The pump was coming on every 50 seconds for 10 seconds. 
Any idea what happened? 

As I was searching for this problem I came across advice to use separate timers to turn on and off. 
Maybe I'll try that. 
Greg - Edmonton
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Hi Greg, sorry to hear that, how did you have the timer set? Do you think it's possible it was set to repeat every minute? I would also switch to the 2 timers.

As you use a DC port you should add a float switch to the backup port which will disable the pump if the sump gets to full and prevent an overflow. It's hardware based so doesn't matter what the Pi is trying to do.
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Hey Rob, so the pump is still looping with the separate on and off timers.

My Timer settings are:
Status: Enabled
Function: Equipment
Equipment: ATO pump
Action: Turn on
And then: stay on
Month: *
Day of the week: *
Day of the month:*
Hour: 18
Minute: *
Second: 0

To turn off the settings are the same except:
Action: Turn off
And then: Stay off
Hour: 18
Minute: *
Second: 30

Forgot to mention:
I'm not sure how to have it repeat every minute but I might have accidently made that happen.

I'm planning on connecting the float switch as an emergency shut off as well. Just made the bracket today so getting that wired up is next on my list. Still, I don't want to rely on it for everyday use.
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(02-04-2024, 06:48 PM)Rob F Wrote:  I would also switch to the 2 timers.

Hey Rob, the issue continued after I swapped to the separate on/off timers. If I remember correctly I changed the existing timers to on/stay on then added new off/stay off timers. 
Since then, I deleted all the timers and just added a single new test timer (separate on/off timers) and it seems to be working fine. I don't think I did anything different this go around other than not having multiple timers set up.

I'll monitor this timer for a few days and start adding more after the float is wired in.
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