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Non-contact sensor issues
I am using these NC sensors with reef-pi / Robotank.

I have them setup properly and they work. My rodi tank one works to notify me when it needs refilling. However, the ones actually controlling an ATO / high sump / low sump have issues due to the nature of a sump vs clean rodi tank.

If my sump has any film on it (even a nearly spotless side wall) it does not detect when water is missing. I tested by pulling out cups of water to drop the level of the sump and it was about 2 inches lower than the edge of the sensor and still thought there was water present. The second I wiped the inside of the sump with a paper towel to clean the film, it triggered as missing water.

Is this a common theme with all NC sensors or did I just buy crappy ones? I am ordering regular old float switches to setup as those are tried and true with all the homemade ATO's ive made.
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I hear mix results with those, have heard your story a few times. My personal experience has been ok but yeah the glass needed to be cleaned regularly. Maybe mix reviews is due to difference in glass. If you lift the label there's a small screw to adjust the sensitivity, maybe try adjusting it. Don't turn it too many times though or it might not go back.
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Thank you, didnt know that existed.
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