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Sensor 5 and 6 not working
Sensor 5 and 6 on the sensor module isn't working with my NC sensor.   I have 3 other NC sensors and they work fine on 1,2,3 so my jumpers are correct.  I moved a known working NC sensor to 5 or 6 and it also does not work.  Config has 5/6 is Raspberry Pi (27/23) and is reversed like the others.

The main thing to note and probably the culprit....I used to use a DS18B20 on 5 and 6.  I used to have config.txt lines for gpiopin=27 and 23.  Now I am using the Temp1 and 2 on the main controller so my config.txt has gpiopin=4 and 22 only.  

Is there anything else that changes when switching the values in config.txt that I need to reverse?  I have restarted multiple times and confirmed the config.txt is 4 and 22 now.

Update: The sensors are working. I had my ATO set to Nothing for devices to control (I only wanted to get alerts when sump level was high). Apparently if you have ATO set to Nothing (yet have alerts configured) it does not do any checking at all. I will just set it to a power bar 2 pin that I dont have.
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Right on, glad you got it figured out, that is known issue and yeah workaround is assign something you don't have.
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