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dosing pumps problems
Rob. I connected the dosing pumps and the pump still runs on channel 1 and channels 5, 6, 7, 8 won't start at all.
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What did you connect the dosing pumps to?
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the pumps are connected to the connecting terminal block on CH1-8. In the configuration ratios, pumps are set as dosing. CH2-3 works correctly.
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Is the to the pca9685 extension or LED ports on the equipment extension?
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I am sending the wiring diagram and I looked at the ester and settings and everything is set correctly. Channels 2, 3 and 4 work fine for me
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Oh very sorry, I didn't get a notification you posted.

I feared you had it setup this way as you mentioned 8 channels, those PWM/Analog ports can only handle a small amount of current, I'm amazed it works at all but definitely disconnect them as it's a matter of time before the other ports fail. Those pumps connect to the 12v DC ports on the same extension. The pump positive wire goes to the +12v pin and ground wire to DC port ground. You'll also have to add a jumper to the "backup" port above each DC port, without that the port won't work. Here's what I'm referring to.
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I also tried to connect the pwm converter 0-10V, 0-5V as I had on V1 and I also have the same problem. Changing jumpers S1 and S2 didn't help either
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Yeah those pumps won't work on a PWM converter as they are the same as the PWM ports on the equipment extension, only DC ports will work. The PWM ports are good for LED drivers, some lights, fans that have a PWM controller built in and some various pumps with speed control built in.
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Finally the other channels work but why is channel 1 always on. So I plug the pumps into the DC port
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Great, channel 1 could be due to the DC ports cable not plugged in, channel 1 goes through that cable or it's possible it was damaged from the pump.
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