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shifted chart timeline
Ahoj Rob. Všimol som si, že časový harmonogram grafu ph sondy je posunutý, keď zobrazím 6h graf ukazuje hodnoty každú 1h, 24h graf ukazuje každých 6h atď.

Translation: Hi Rob. I noticed that the time schedule of the ph probe graph is shifted, when I display the 6h graph it shows values every 1h, the 24h graph shows every 6h etc.
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Hi Loksik, sorry I'm not sure what you are referring to? I just checked my chart on those time frames and it looks good.
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Thanks for the pictures, that's how it works. When you are viewing by the hour the screen only shows 1 hour, if you set to 6h you see 6 hours worth and so on. Once you have the view set you can swipe left to right with the mouse to see back in time. You can scroll back on a mobile though but hoping to get that working.
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