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PI issues/Controller Board Status LED's

I recently picked up the PNP kit and after flashing the OS to the Pi zero w 2 It's not picking up on my wifi.  I made sure to include the SSID/Password and used my 2.6 network instead of the 5 to limit potential issues.  Signal in the area where it's sitting is pretty good.  

There are two status LED's on the controller board and both are solid green but I'm having a hard time finding a reference to their potential states and meanings.  I don't see any LED's on the Pi, is there a way to tell if it's powering up and connecting to the board successfully? 

Any suggestions are welcome, and thanks in advance.
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Hi, sorry for the trouble, it sounds like maybe something is not right with the SD card. There is an LED at the opposite end of the SD card however it only starts flashing if the Pi is able to boot. If no SD card is inserted it'll appear dead. Do you have an extra microSD card to try? If not maybe try running the install again from step 1.

If you have a micro USB cable it might be easier to verify the Pi is booting as you'll be able to see the LED, when it's plugged in the controller it can be hard to see.
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