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PWM Setup
Hi team,

I am a little confused with the PWM channels, I can get channels 2-7 working but channel 0 does not seem to work at all and channel 2 is swapped with channel 1.
I have a version 3 controller with a Pi3, pretty happy so far and do not need all the channels but I do not want to let it beat me.

Config is like this:

Name:   PWM Channels
Pins:     8,10,11,12,13,14,15
Driver:   Extra Ports

A RJ45 cable has 8 wires and 1 is the common, not sure what I am missing here.

thanks for your help,
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Hi Sam, sorry for the late reply. I'm guessing you only have one RJ45 cable plugged in the equipment extension, the channel missing runs through the other cable. As you noted the cable only has 8 wires, each RJ45 is 7 signals and a common ground.
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Hi Rob, yes thankyou I worked that part out as soon as I typed it, still not understanding why channel 1 and channel 2 are reversed.
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That is a little strange, it's like the pin numbers are swapped for those ports but if you used my install script that shouldn't have happened, haven't had any one else mention it.

To fix go to the "configuration" tab and then "connectors" sub tab and scroll down to the "Jacks" section. You'll see both channels, swap the pin numbers for them. Then go to the "admin" sub tab and press the "reload" button.
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Thankyou Rob, I will have another go this weekend and get back to you, most likely is something I am doing. Have to say am pretty happy with the kit.

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Hi Sam, glad to hear you're enjoy it. I wonder if pins got mixed up when you added channel 1 to the connector. Maybe when you go to edit the connector it'll be 8, 9, instead of 9, 8.
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