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Robo-Tank v6.6 is Ready
Looks like that failed because the database was already there which makes sense. You can either delete the database and then run that SQL statement or if you let me know what version you used prior I can post the SQL statements just for the update this way you don't lose any settings, was it v6.1?
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Hmm. It is entirely possible that I did some of the automated updates since 6.1, but I don't specifically remember. Is there any log file I can look in to see?

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Not really any logs you can look at for that. I think it's best to delete the database and run that php script again. Here's how you delete it.
  • Click on the "robotank" database
  • At the top of the page click the "operations" tab.
  • In the middle you'll see a red link "Drop the database (DROP)", click that. At this point you'll see "robotank" database on the left side is gone.
  • Run the PHP script you tried previously
  • Power cycle the controller and you should be good to go.
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