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Robo-tank on SSD or eMMC
I don't if it's the rigth place for this question but here it's.
As i have experienced SD card fail on Music server and 3D print software, i am shy about using SD card (even good quality one) for operating system. On Music or 3d printing you lost your music or your on going print but inreef tank living stock is concerned. So is possible to boot robo-tank on a SSD or an eMMc, if Yes witch size?
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Yeah the SD card is the weakness on the Pi but as Coloredrock pointed out you can connect a hard drive to the Pi. If you did stick with an SD card it's good to get the high endurance cards as they are designed to be written to continually, typically they are used for video recording etc but they still have limits.
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Thanks for answer. I ask the question as some software are not able to boot on USB dedvice or eMMc. That's the case for my musique server. It use Volumio on a RPI4. I already use an another RPI4 with twisterOs booting a SSD on USB interface.
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