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Heater problems
I have 4 heaters all setup to run off of the same temp sensor, I set the heater threshold all to the same temp but none of them would shut off, the threshold temp is lower then what the sensor is currently reading. Then all of a sudden they all shut off for a second and only 3 of them came back on. The temp sensor is still reading higher the the threshold is set for. Can you help me with this issue? Thanks
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Hi, how do you have it setup? Did you add 4 temp sensors in reef-pi, each using the same sensor but different heater or did you use macros to control them all?
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I have 4 temp sensors using the same sensor. Would it be better to use macros? I don't have any idea how to do macros. They seem to be working at the moment. Sometimes they aren't all on but I think that is because of the temp fluctuations on the sensor.
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I think it's better doing it like you have, I know others who run a couple heaters that way. Any chance the thermostats built in the heaters are set to a close threshold causing that? For a test if you set the heater thermostat to a high setting so they stay on does that help?
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The tank temp is where I want it, so I think it's working. I'll keep an eye on it for awhile and see how it goes. Thanks for getting back to me.
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Sounds good, if you haven't maybe set an alert if the temp goes out of range.
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