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problem with the letter in the email
It is possible to change the writing style to something else. I need it to show me the correct punctuation marks ľ, š, č, ť, ž, ý, á... instead it shows me a question mark?

I have a problem when sending a notification to an email, and I get the same notification email 5 times
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Hi Loksik, sorry I'm not sure how that could be done, where are you needing to change the punctuation? Maybe changing it directly in the database would do it but not sure. Are you getting multiple emails due to this or is that a different issue?
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I am sending an example of how to display a notification in an email this problem with the text only occurs when sending to an email where there are punctuation marks.when he turns off the socket, I get 3-5 same notifications that the socket is off, then it's confusing that I get a lot of notifications

Current usage(120) of 'NĂzka hladina vĂ˝par' is above maximum threshold (60)
Current usage(165) of 'Stop čerpadlo' is above maximum threshold (5)7
Zastavenie napúťtania vody .
Current usage(430) of 'OsmĂłza nĂzka hladina' is above maximum threshold (60)
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Unfortunately I don't know what those mean, seems strange you would get multiple emails. Does this only happen if email has punctuation marks? Will it work as expected with a different email?
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I found out that when I have the notification on the ATO card turned on, then I receive an email several times and it comes to me with this text:
Current usage(173) of 'Stop pumpe' is above maximum threshold (60)

And when the notification is turned on on the macros tab, the right comes to me only once and it is displayed like this :
Stop pumpe.

I don't know what could be causing it, but this way I get 100 emils per hour I looked on the web and found out if there is a setting other than UTF8 language encoding
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Are you using reef-pi or my app? The alert text doesn't look like it's from mine, I was thinking you were using my app but maybe I'm wrong?
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Yes, I use your app
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Hmmm, I don't know what to think. I just searched the code for "current usage" like your alert starts with but that doesn't exist as I thought. Did you make any changes? If you change back to English does it work as expected?
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I also tested it with the English text, the problem is still the same
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Sorry you'll have to give me some time to look into it, it has been a while since I tested them, it's likely something in the code causing that.
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