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My display housing...
This is how I did the display housing...

Not the best pictures but you'll get the idea.
Just needs a little sanding to finish... ;-)




Kind regards,


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Hi Arne, looks good, did you use a laser to cut it? Looks to good to be hand cut and no lines from printing.
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Arne do plan on placing it in to a recessed cut out looks like it wood with that larger front plate. Like a cut out in the canopy or some thing.
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Hi Rob, hi Rott,

No, it wasn't laser cut, just a Dremel and the good old handwork... ;-)
I need to sand the sides a little more but I've run out of sandpaper.

The front is made out of carbon the rest out of PVC.
I made the small protrusion hoping it looks less "boxy" so no Rott, not meant for a recessed cut out... ;-)


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Well done on that box, you have steadier hands than me. :) It's going to match that tank of yours nicely.

Looks like you're going to have fun setting up, how big is the tank? Look forward to seeing it all setup.

You have a beautiful dalmatian, I always think of a fire truck when I see one. :)
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Thanks Rob.

Yes, I think the display fits nicely to the rest of the aquarium.
The size of this tank is 160 x 70 x 66 cm (LXWXH). I'm still working on the lights but I will show you as soon as they are ready Rob.

Yeah, we have 4 Dalmatians and in fact in the USA they always are associated with fire trucks... ;-)
The one on the picture is a male with brown (liver) spots, the others, females, are all black spotted.

It's quite some work setting this whole aquarium up. I still need to cut two 125mm holes through the wall to vent the sump cabinet.
I'll have to rent a diamond cutter then... ;-)

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I have to repeat what Rob said, great work on the box I have tried many times with a dremel to cut different shapes and it never comes out right. I will be looking forward to seeing updates as your build goes on.. Do like that dog there use to be one in a lot of firehouses but the problem with them was they can be high spirited and have always made the top 10 list of dogs that bite so no more Dalmatians in the firehouses.
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Hi Rott,

Thanks for the compliment... ;-)

I know this isn't the place to discuss this but your statement concerning the Dalmatian surprised me !
We breed Dalmatians for more than 25 years now and I'd like to know where your statement is based on...
Dalmatians are known and loved because they are great family dogs, intelligent, very easy with other animals, especially horses, and very reliable with children...
Of course they have lost their function in the fire houses nowadays.

Of course I did a Google on "Top 10 bite incidents usa"...
Pitbulls, Rottweiler YES but haven't seen any Dalmatian... ;-))

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years ago they where in great demand and there was a lot backyard breeders pumping them out and then when the movie 101 Dalmatian came out there again was a mass run on them and it lead to a lot unstable dogs not just a few but hundreds of dogs sold where inbreed and that caused many problems.. People took advantage of the American dream to fill there pockets with money at the dogs expense and that is why they where on the bite list of course pits and rott's are on it I am sure Doberman also are on it
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Back then, when the film was released, the major concern was deafness, not temperament
Dalmatians can be deaf or one-side-hearing. Normaly all puppies are hearing tested, at least breeders within the breeding club HAS to do that...

When a new owner wants a Dalmatian, it's impossible to buy a deaf puppy, at least within the breeding clubs overhere in Europe.
I'm not sure how this was in the USA back then. In the USA it is allowed to breed from dogs which is not allowed to breed from in Europe.
For instance, in Europe a blue eye is a breeding fault, that's in the Breeding Standard. It's no problem though, just an exterior issue, the dog can see very well with it.

For us it's not allowed to breed with dogs with one or two blue eyes.
In the USA they breed Dalmatians with blue eyes...
If you want to read more, this is our english website:

Okay, let's talk Robo-Tank again... ;-)


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wow looks perfect how long did it take to make the case
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Well, it takes some time Rott... ;-)
But, I spread out the work over a couple of days because the epoxy glue had to set.
Cutting all the pieces takes most of the time.
I think you can do this in a day.

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Last box I tried. Looked bad what cutting tip did you use the one that looks like a drill bit (all purpose cutter) and did you free hand it

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Looks like I found my case maker, I'll take 10 of them haha...
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No Rott, I don't use the all purpose cutter.
For this kind of work I mostely use the cutting wheels and for the small openings on the side I use a carbide cutter.
Then of course a small file and sanding paper.
Yep, all done by hand... ;-)

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BTW Rob, is it possible to adjust the contrast of the display?
I have this feeling that the contrast of my screen has become higher after I build it into this case...
When you look at the AT and/or the HTTP icon, they are more visible now then they were at the bench test.

Kind regards,


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No you can't adjust the contrast only brightness. It was likely darker on your bench because you were looking at the screen as if it was over your head. When you look up to the display its not very good, the displays appear to be designed to look down on them or from the sides. Looking down and from the sides you get a wide viewing angle but when you look up to it the angle isn't much. The picture you posted is what it should look like, minus the lines in the icons. The ATO and HTTP icon is the same color as the AC outlet icons when off. Just so others know the icons on the screen are clear, looking at pictures the icons have lines through them but in real life you can't see that. I don't like that because I can't get a perfect picture or video of the display.
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Okay, thanks Rob... ;-)

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