sensors ports 1-6 not working


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On my version 1.0 revB controller I am seeing 2 pins assign to the sensor ports on the advance configure screen. Power bar 1 outlet 5 also is showing 2 pins. All the ac outlets and sensors 1 - 6 are not working.
That's not good. What pin numbers go to the same outlet/sensor? This is what it should look like for v1 controller, I just changed my setting.

Did you refresh the webpage after the reboot happens to see the updated pin numbers but it sounds beyond that.

I assume you changed the controller version before enabling any ports? I think that could mess it up by not visually.

Try changing back to v3 controller, refresh the webpage and see if the duplicates are gone. Then try v1 again.

Screen Shot 06-29-24 at 07.47 PM.PNG
I got the 2 pin numbers down to the correct pin. I was showing 2 pin numbers on version 3 also, so I re installed robotank.
The ac outlets in manual mode are still not working and the sensors 1 -6 are not working either.
FYI My kessil lights are working fine with the controller.