Robo-Tank LCD Housing


Hi all!
I want to share with all my new under construction Display housing to put my display on a desk near the tank.
Is all 3D printed, glued togheter and clad with some walnut sheets.
On the side I have an RJ45 keystone plug and a USB port to do the firmware upgrade. I only have to find an idea to extend the SD card, I've bought and SD card extender but it doesn't work with the display board (even if it works fine with my pc)... If you have any idea for the SD card please let me know.

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Very nice Simone, looks like wood to me. :) Is that face plate actually printed as well? Doesn't look like it unless you did some work to it after printing.

That SD card extension should work, did you try both SD slots?
Hi rob, the Bezel is not 3D printed, is the same model used by Nixu in his build (thanks Nixu for the advise :D)
For the SD card I've only tested the one on the Robo-tank board, not the one on the LCD...
I've personally never used an extender for display but think others have. In the past I used them for the controller with no issue so assume it should be ok. I just tried doing it on mine but the extenders I have are microSD and I can't get it into any of my adapters so not able to test it.