Read only screen


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Hi Rob. If I connect a non-touchscreen hdmi screen to the raspberry pi, will it work as a read only screen? Will it also allow me to access the Web page on a separate device to make changes?

I want a screen on the front of the tank that just shows the main home screen but also a screen my kids cannot play with :).

Hi @Dilsh, yeah you can use any HDMI screen and if you want to interact you could have a wireless keyboard / mouse, just unplug the USB receiver when you don't want it to work.
View attachment 753Hey Rob. This is the screen I have when I connect the HDMI.

Do I need to enter a command.


Did you install the desktop version of the OS? I think it's just running the light version without desktop. When you install the OS select the Legacy 32-bit Bullseye Desktop version. Have the display plugged in when you install it.