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v5.02 Automatic Outlets Not Working
Hello Rob,

I upgraded to v5.02 and have discovered a potential bug in the software, but I cannot identify its root cause. Here is what I am facing:

Robo-Tank, 1 power bar connected (8 outlets)
ATO system (working fine)
4 Dosing pumps
4 channels LED light control (working perfectly on a schedule)
2 Auxiliary float sensors (ATO low water + skimmer/UV light off based on sump water level to identify when the return pump is shut off)
2 water temp sensors (display and sump - working perfectly)
air humidity/temp sensor (working perfectly)

Current configuration:
I have the return pump, heater/chiller, UV light, skimmer all set on an ALWAYS ON schedule (also tried on at 00:00 daily) and these outlets do not switch on in automatic mode, as set through the schedules page
I have a few custom rules set up:
* Heater/chiller off below X degrees, off above Y degrees
* Skimmer and UV set to turn off when a float switch is triggered (sump level rises, indicating return pump has been turned off; and on when sump level drops to normal)
I also have some alert-only custom rules set

Here is the challenge I am facing:
Outlet schedules are not functioning properly
No matter what settings I use, only the heater (outlet 2) is operating as expected under normal operation.
All other outlets (return pump, air stone, UV light, skimmer) can be manually operated on or off, but when I hit "resume schedule" these outlets all turn off

What steps can I take to correct or properly diagnose this?
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Hi jlysaght3, first can you update to v5.04 and I will probably have v5.05 out tomorrow which fixes an issue with schedules but not what your experiencing.

After updating first do a restore defaults, there's been a couple odd issues that were resolved by this. If you setup an always on schedule it should turn on, I don't think this is a problem in the code but the eeprom may have not been setup correctly with the initial update.

Just so you know, for your alert-only custom rules you could also set them up using the alerts systems, you can accomplish the same thing. In the end it doesn't really matter though.
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Hey Rob,

So I upgraded to 5.05 and I am still facing the same issue. My schedules worked out of the box (immediately after upgrade) but as soon as I rebooted the controller none of my schedules are working. I have to manually turn on my return pump, air pump, skimmer, and UV light

Additionally, my custom rule to turn the skimmer/UV off when the sump level rises too high (using a float switch) worked in theory, but when I manually tripped the switch I heard the relays skitzing out before that custom rule died completely (thus the prompt for a system reboot, after which nothing worked on a schedule)
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Hmm, this isn't making sense, can you upload the sketches from the link below to display and controller and copy the results in the serial monitor for each to a blank sketch so you can save them. This way I can load your current settings on my controller and can go through it.

After uploading open the serial monitor and it'll start printing in 10 seconds and will take about 5 minutes for each to complete, when it stops printing to serial monitor its finished.
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