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Simple question: is possible to create some triggers/rules/action/whatever that execute some action based on one or more events?

In example:

if current hour is between 8 and 20, and ph is lower than 4 then poweroff skimmer outlet, poweron UV outlet and after 70 minutes power off uv

(just and example)
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At this time that can't be done with reef-pi or my app. At some point I will be adding a time range to work as suggested.
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so the issue is the time range, without that, would be possible?
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Yeah without the time range it should be able to work.

One thing to note you should take things slow with my app, it's not quite ready to run everything and still needs time to be proven so at this point you should base your purchase on using reef-pi.
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Hey Rob. Wondering if you've got an ETA on the next software patch? and also does the current.. or will the next.. support ATO? Maybe a Forum post with a TODO list and whats completed crossed out?
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Hi SyberSects, I'm hoping it's not to much longer, every time I go to work on it something comes up.

You can run a basic ATO using custom rules, one to turn the pump on and one for off.

I am planning to make a list of features I want to add, I'll probably post this at the next update.
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