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speed controler and program modes of dc pumps
Looking at previous threads what would it take to make 1 dc pump slider controllable and program controlled. for example i want to take a jebo dct 8000 and program modes into it for example where it will shut off for to minutes for feeding, pulsing to create tidal surges etc. At a minimum it would be nice to hit one button to shut pumps down for 10 min then automatically kick it back on for feeding also you mentioned needing to do extra things to hook it to the controller what exactly will this en tale. Im trying to compile directions and guides to form a master how to guide to do this.  Jebo makes a apex controler adapter for 19.00 that may be the better way to bridge the two tech.

The Jebo DCT9000 would require additional hardware because they draw about 2.7amps on full, the max the controller board can put out is 3amps and 1-1.5amps is already being used for display etc... I have external boards with mosfets that can handle a bit more power and could be put inline. Currently the code is only setup to turn 4 DC accessories on or off but the ports are capable of adjusting speed I just need to get that feature added.
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Hi Michael, today that can't be done but I think I'm adding that very soon, I have an update ready in a day or two and will probably start this for next update as I've been planning it for a long time now. Here's some old screens I made as an example. I don't like these now and have a better idea but I think this is what you're referring to.

There is a system that allows you to turn on/off AC outlets when a feed starts with timer good for up to 99 minutes. You could plug the DCT9000 AC-DC adapter into the power bar and use this feature to shut it down during a feed and it would resume when feed ends.

That link for the DC motors is what I was trying to explain on your other question for the DCT9000, however I think I got confused because the Jebao DCT are PWM controllable so much easier to work with.

To clarify there are 4 ports that currently turn on/off anything that uses DC power, later these ports will also be able to adjust the speed of the motors.

There's another 4 accessory ports that can put out 0-5v or 0-10v PWM signal or 0-10v Analog signal using jumpers on PCB, currently nothing can be done with these but that's what I'm going to work on soon.

These are the port's you would use for DCT8000 and the Jebao WP and PP series power heads or anything else that can be controlled using these signals.

That adapter for the Apex isn't required as it only converts the signal to 0-10v for the Apex.

These pumps operate on 24v DC and come with an AC-DC adapter. You would use that to power the pump and then connect the GND and signal wire to the controller.

If you can find some 3pin cables to fit the Jebao it's easy otherwise to have to cut the cable on the pump or take apart Jebao controller and use cable from it. A while ago I ordered some from ebay but there was a notch that caused issues.

Using the Jebao controller you can get the pinouts easy. You'll see 24v across two pins and 0-5v on the 3rd pin which is signal. You would then run 24v from AC adapter directly to pump and connect GND and signal wire directly to controller.

For my powerheads I ended up taking the patch cable out of the controller to use. Here's an image of what it looks like, this is all you need. The USB connector would be a 4pin to match the controller (original controller used USB), the small round connector is a DC socket for 24v AC-DC adapter and the large connector plugs into the pump.

[Image: Jebao%20Patch%20Cable.JPG]

With all that said these can still be used today (and the future) with the LED channel outputs. Those put out 0-5v PWM so you would connect the signal pin to an LED channel. Then you can set that channel in the light schedule with different speeds and the pump would ramp up and down in sync with the lights.
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i foun d these post in reguards to this project maybe some good infor to help you a little above my head right now as im learning
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Thanks, I'll go over that. I might have to get one of these pumps one day to test.
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No you don’t
I got 2 DCS7000 and a RW8 wavemaker running.
If you could point me to the hardware and patchcable etc I would be happy to help you out with the testing
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Nice, I don't know about the RW8 at this time unless it can also be hardwired, maybe later we can get wireless working. I'll be in touch soon.
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I just hooked my WP-10 wavermakers to the LED channels and they work good. I also verified in the the Jebao controller that the max signal voltage is 5v. So they are running full power directly off any LED channel.

I assume the other Jebao pumps and powerheads that have a controller work the same way.

Here's the pinouts for the controller and pump connectors so you can check voltages if you want. From Jebao controller on GND and PWM pin you should have 5v when turned on high setting. 

If voltages check out I would connect it and give it a try. 

This is the plug coming from the controller.
[Image: jebao_wp10_controller_pinout.jpg]

This is the plug on the pump.
[Image: jebao_wp10_pinout.jpg]

If you can push some wires in the pump plug pin holes you can give it a quick try. After adding the +24v and GND from your DC adapter run a ground from this GND pin to any GND on the controller, that'll create the common ground.
[Image: jebao_wp10_connections.jpg]
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Nice find

Also Nice since there are 16 channels and i still have to find an “idiot” who uses all 16 of them.
So with some fidling you could use the lighting modes as tidal modes
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Yeah 16 channels is a lot, as time goes I plan to add options so they can be used for other things as well, like currently ch8-ch16 can run a stirrer for dosing pumps. I like the idea of being able to ramp up the powerheads all through the day.
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Well that's not working so good. Once the pump ramps down it starts turning on/off. I removed those images until I figure something better, I'll let you know when I do.
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Forget my last post saying it was wasn't working good. I think it was turning on/off randomly because I was getting around 20% on the PWM pin. its more like 1-5v instead of 0-5v. With that said don't know if the DCT / DCS pumps would work, I can only verify the WP powerheads are ok connected directly. These work on any 1-5v signal, many people connect directly to Apex using resistors to drop the 10v to 5v or using the cable from Jebao.
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You could Just add a limiter if the channels are used as speed controllers.
Or make a “caution” in the manual
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yeah exactly, I'll have an option to select them so the code doesn't go below 20%.
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Hi.... i had the same question and referred to one note according to which you'll need to connect an Apex variable out jack to the jack on the bottom of the VarioS controller, using this cable. As per my practice then you have to program the proper variable speed output. Also i observed it could be one of 4 tiles, depending on which channel you've connected to your pump controller. Pull the correct tile out from the hidden tiles to your dashboard.
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Hi, the controller this was referring to I'm no longer selling, anything you see with a 7" touchscreen is for it.

Now I'm selling hardware for reef-pi and I think what you're after can be achieved.

The controller has 8 outputs that can be either 0-5v or 0-10v PWM or 0-5v or 0-10v Analog so power heads like this will work. Reef-pi doesn't have an actual power head control panel yet but you can use the lights module and control with it.
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