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reef-pi with v2 controller
Trying to install reef-pi with the script shown in your PDF. Install is ok, i'm able to access the reef-pi interface, but dosing pumps pinout doesn't seems ok.
In configuration i can see DC 4,5,6,7 in "Outlet" list and DC1,2,3 in "Jacks"

Which ports are the Dosing 1,2,3,4,5,6 in Robo-Tank ?
Trying to add a doser in reef-pi, I can only choose "DC1, 2, 3, Internal Fan, LED Ports" in the Jack select menu.
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Yeah I split the DC ports in reef-pi by default, you can define DC ports as "Outlet" or "Jack" connector depending what you want it for. Delete the outlet connectors and add them back as jacks then you can use them for dosing pumps. Remember to go to admin tab and press reload button after changing anything in configuration tab. Here's the manual showing the pin numbers for various ports, there's a table at the end of each port type.
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