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pin outs of relays
K0504 so i see the set of first 8 relays what about the second set of relays do you have the pinouts for the next 8 thanks neongt
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You have the original boards before the next 8 relays was thought about, you don't have the header on the connector board for the other relays which the new boards have.

Anyone with the original boards that has the ethernet circuit (unused) needs to solder the wires directly to the power bar board that the mega 2560 plugs into.

Here's a diagram showing the original board, this is the bottom of the board where you should solder the wires to.

[Image: Power_PCB_Relays.jpg]
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Is anyone made there own connection for the second relay board using the connections above?
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I have. Smile
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cool what did you use and how do you have it set up
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I soldered those dupont style jumpers directly to the board and plugged into the relay board. Those need to go directly to the relay board, just like you have the first 8 connected to the connector board. No difference just the convenience of a header.
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