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pH Circuit
Hi Rob,

Can I use the atlas-scientific pH Circuit with the reef-pi deluxe aquarium controller?

All the best.
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Hi Iliyan, yeah the Atlas circuit will work. It won't solder to the controller board but can sit in the same location and connect using short jumpers.
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I guess using the tentacle board is out
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The tentacle board will be ok. Just run jumpers from it to the controller just like an Arduino or whatever. However at this time only the pH circuit will be read, you can leave other circuits in the shield but they won't blink at this time.
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can I use more than one temp probe?
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Yeah you can attached many, Reef-pi's been tested with up to 7 and more should be ok. There's all on one pin so cable length is more a limiting factor but should be plenty. No DHT22 only DS18B20.
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