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new boards
going to be ordering a set of the new boards in just a few days and can't to get them and start changing stuff over to the new connections :)

the look really nice in the pictures K05108
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They are really nice in live too :) And those new connectors are much better than "old" usb connectors, no more soldering :p Now i just wait new software / version that support these new boards :)
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ya I know.. it is the hardest thing to do is wait. but it will be done soon and worth the wait
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Thanks Dale!

The new software is coming along nicely, more work than I expected as I was hoping to use some of the old code but once I start changing not much from the old fits. Good news is the sketches run faster and I was able to remove all delays on the controller so it can now walk and chew gum at the same time. :) Saved a lot of space as well so plenty of room for more features once I get this finished. Everything is working except the storm, graphs, web alerts, Atlas circuits and sensor/equipment rules. This weekend I'll be releasing it for sure, the graphs and sensor rules will be done after I release as I want to completely re-design how these work.
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