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micro sd card and lights
Okay so i am having some  problems 

  1. cant format the micro sd card for the ex.hub.  16 gig card.  only options fat32 , exfat,  ntfs.  

   2. For some reason i cant seem to get my lights to dim according to the schedule i set up.   They  go up in the morning but to not go down at evening . 
       If i hit the resume button then they dim.
   3.  see pic   IP address?

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Hi Aron, on the expansion hub the microSD card has to be formatted as fat or fat16, you probably don't have the option because the card is so large. There's a small program called SDformatter that might format it correctly. The new update has been changed so the expansion hub can use fat32, I'm trying hard to get it finished but I caused a problem I have to fix before I release it.

With your lights maybe its because the display has different settings then the power bar, that can happen if you change a setting without the power bar connected. Try pressing the sync button on the page you attached, that should fix it.

The IP not showing is a problem however its only visual. It looks like your local IP is but there could be a number at the end that was cut off. In the browser type in and it should load.
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Okay i will get a smaller card
I was able to put in the ip address and log in i think but all i get is a blank white screen.
I did sync the display and the power bar a few times and i have not made any changes with the two separated.
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You won't get anything without the microSD card. You also have to add a username and password to the files in the package.

Does your light start a fade a 12:00am? If so change it to 12:01, I found an issue if lights and power outlets were set to 12:00am the light wouldn't start. If its not that can you post your schedule times so I can try it on mine?
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Okay thanks

What size card do i need?
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I just looked it up and it appears it has to be 2gb or smaller to format it to fat16 file system.
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