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lights goes off almost always when they are at high sun
Hello guys, 

with version 3.50 (as i bought it) and the 3.60  my lights goes off and i have to power off and on to open again.Some times open with the resume  button but 1 to 10 times........

Does this happend to some else.......?

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Hi John, sorry to hear you're having trouble, has this happened since you got it? Do you have any Atlas circuits connected or anything else I2C related?
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Hi Rob

This started happend in the second half of May.

I thought that was from heat (now is summer here) but i have 3 huge fans in the box.I don't have any atlas cirquit connected or any other sensor or ato yet.
I'm thinking now that the problem maybe started when i connected the power outlet (only filter-air bubble-co2 connected) but i'm not sure
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Hmm, what kind of drivers are you using? I just noticed in the title you mentioned it happens during high sun, is that the only time? When the lights go out and you go to lights menu and change modes do lights follow? Can you check the voltage at the LED port on the controller when lights go out? I can't see it being heat related or the power bar as they have nothing to do with it.

Next time this happens do the following.

Go into the settings and adjust any schedule time and remember which one you changed.
Then instead of shutting off the controller go to the clock screen and press ok so the controller restarts to see if it comes back on that way.
Then go back to the schedule you changed and see if it reverted back to old setting or has the new value.
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Hello.I'm using meanwell drivers (6×1500ma 3×1000ma 6×700ma)
Isaw today that the lights closed and to midsun so i think that there is not standard time that the lights turnoff.
I did that with the clock but nothing happend.I have to turn off the power and on again to make effect.
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What Rev version is on the controller board? Just under the logo it should have Rev D or E. There's a resistor I'll get you to remove but need to know the board so I can show you where it is.
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I dont know what logo you mean everywhere writting rev is rev a
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Look on the controller board, you should see the Robo-Tank logo near the w5100, under that it'll have a Rev version. I don't think you have Rev A.
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