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interfacing with the Reef-Pi web server UI
Just wondering how easy it would be to use the Reef-Pi software to communicate with the Robo-Tank controller?  The arduino touch screen is nice, but I really like using my laptop to control all of my aquarium equipment.
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Hi reefslope, you won't believe it, I'm actually working on it tonight. I recently discovered it could be used so I'm designing some boards for it and expect to have them in a few weeks. These will be very affordable and high quality so I'm looking forward to it. I also hope to contribute additional features etc as well. If you signup here I can send you a notice when I have all the details laid out.

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Rob, thanks for the quick response. I'm very excited to hear the news and will definitely sign up.
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Sounds good, should have more details soon.
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I've been reading up on some of the reef-pi builds and it seems that the lunar light setting is just a timed on/off process. Have you seen anything for a seasonal lunar program for the reef-pi? What are your thoughts about it? Thanks
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I haven't seen anything referring to a lunar cycle, I think the best you can do is dedicate an LED channel to some LED's and use the fade so at least you get a smooth transition instead of on/off. But yeah the cycle wouldn't change.
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Thanks Rob, That's a good point. What do you think about running a smaller arduino board just for producing a dedicated lunar cycle? Maybe using the sketch out of the older "Stilo" project. I'm sure there are other lunar calendar sketches but that is the only one I know of. By the way, congratulations on those new boards. Amazing work!!!
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There's a good solution, you can use the PWM pin off the Arduino and let it run. I'll have to remember this as it wouldn't be hard to setup.

Thanks, plan to order the boards shortly, just need to make a few more changes I've come up with.
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