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float schema
hello, could somebody send me photos / schematics of how to solve floats and  sensors. And what are your rules
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Hi pavol14pavol, you can download all those through your account on the store side, there's some manuals there.
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(03-21-2020, 04:45 PM)Rob F Wrote: Ahoj, pavol14pavol, všetky si môžete stiahnuť prostredníctvom svojho účtu na strane obchodu, tam sú nejaké manuály.
I got involved, but I think if the system fails how someone solved the second backup system
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Sorry I think translation isn't working. You're right a 2nd float switch will provide backup and you use rules to set it up. Look in the user manual for 'custom rules' and it will explain how they work.
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