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ethernet jacks
how hard would it be to switch from the 4 prong to Ethernet connection. it seems like the industry is using the Ethernet connection. will make it more to standards for easier pug and play
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I assume you're referring to the green plugs on the controller? I struggled with those for a while, the original controller I used USB ports as they were really cheap and easy to get cables. A lot of people didn't like this because it could be a challenge to figure out the wiring and typically involved soldering. If I used RJ45 Ethernet connectors it would be the same problem, also so much equipment is wired differently all kinds of patch cables would be needed. The nice thing about the 4pin connectors is anything can be connected fairly easy without having to order more cables or do any soldering. I used RJ45's for display and dosing pumps to save space on the board. One other thing I like about these connectors is they can handle more current than RJ45's.

So to answer your question, it would be difficult to switch to RJ45's as this would require new PCB's, the only way to do something like that is make up your own patch cables. If you have equipment with an ethernet patch cord try and get the pinouts and make a 6" patch that plugs into controller so you can plug directly into whatever you have without messing it up.
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