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display mirrored

I have a CPLD display.
With version 4.x everything was OK.
After the update to 5.x all icons are mirrored, the text, comming from the program, is displayed correctly.
The use of the liberies from version 4.x have not been successful.
Does anyone have an idea, what I can do?

Thanks for help!


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You need to comment out the sainsmart display in the sketch and remove the // in front of the line which says CPLD
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Hello fietsenrex
Yes, I did it before I compile the skript.
That is not the problem.
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Hi Roland, I think it's library related if you have the correct display selected, did you try it with the other display type? I don't have a CPLD so I can't do any testing. Can you upload v4.2 again to verify its still good?
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the display works with v4.2

The strange is that only the icons mirroed. Is there perhaps a problem with the sd-card driver?
I formated the sd-card and copy all the files new on the sd-card...but nothing change....
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Yeah maybe the images are being read in reverse but I don't know how that can happen. Did you try using the SDFat library from v4.2? After coping that library to your libraries folder close all IDE's, open sketch and upload. I did make some minor changes to the library to speed up the reading so it's possible that's the cause, only thing I can think of that's different.
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got the same issue, swapping the libraries doesn't help
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I replied in the other thread.
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