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Web Access
A little update on the web access.

I've got the web alerts sorted out, these are the ones I plan to add for starters. I won't have them all added for a while as I'm going on a holiday soon, today I only have the external IP change working. I should have the equipment related ones working but the parameters won't be done because the GUI needs a bunch of work.

[Image: web_alerts.jpg]

There is some setup required to get them working, I'll have a pictured tutorial ready when its ready. It's not hard and in the end it works the smoothest that's why I've chosen it.

The alerts are sent from the arduino as a tweet but you receive them in an RSS feed. It basically requires you to setup up a twitter and google account, using google scripts a one time script is run which works with twitter. This puts all the tweets from the controller into an RSS feed which allows you to receive almost instant alerts on any device. You never need to visit your twitter or google account once its setup or need to be logged in. You simply download any RSS reader program to see the alerts. I'm using Feed Notifier on my computer and RSS reader on my android, when an alert goes off my phone makes noise and vibrates and shows a small RSS symbol at the top and my computer has an alert hover over my clock and stays there until I close it. Anyone who follows you on twitter can also receive push notification on there phone or computer when the controller sends out an alert. The only setup required on the controller side is adding a twitter authorization code to a text file.
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Here's a video showing where the internet is at. Another day I'll do one showing the alerts.
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There is no software update?
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No just boards... haha, kidding of course the update is coming. I don't know which way to turn right now, thankfully work isn't busy... I'm leaving in 8 days for 3 weeks so I haven't put it out yet because I want to tweak a few things yet and only have time for one update. I'll have it ready during the weekend, nobody should have the boards yet so I think it'll work.
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I am eager to see that. And i think i am not the only one...??
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every new update is very exciting to have/get like a birthday present. But it takes time to write then test then rewrite then test then send out to everyone
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Obviously and we do not have to forget all the work done by Rob behind the display...
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Hello (again)!
I have been following this with great interest before this site was up (I postet a link on
I really like what has has happened since.
Great product you put together!!!

I am reef tank noob (not yet started a tank) and still in the phase of gathering all the equipment. I have to admit I have moved on to other controller options for now. First I wanted to keep it simpler. I don't have all-in one controller, only a bluefish mini for lights (hope it is OK to name other brands), rest is independent.
I realized I don't really need the "total control" option. I think independent controllers is actually more fail save and most of the devices don't need to be adjusted or regulated once they do what they should.

But what I really really and deeply miss is the "monitoring" aspect. I would love to have a simple temp (or other probes) and power on/off monitor, that I can check on the web.
Maybe there is another market for monitoring-only equipment? :)
There are alread a few smart-home devices out there that could be abused (power bars, temp sensors, etc. ), but in the end something like the robo-tank is the more sexy solution.

The other thing is, that making a DIY power bar in Germany is a huge pain in the ass (already made a coment in Tilman's build thread). From my research there are just no good components available. I really envy the clean project box with the plugs on top you have on display here...

So, now something related to this topic.
If you ever make a working WiFi shield (or USB, or SD) solution, I will strongly reconsider going for a robo-tank for an upgrade or for a new tank project. The place for my tank is not anywhere near a LAN outlet and I just won't install any more LAN cables in the flat I am currently living in :D
I really love everything about this project, but this is one of the key features for me.

So, keep up all the good work. I'll be following.


P.S. I can second some comments around here that robo-tank is something the saltwater/reefing community is waiting for.
I too find this whole Apex stuff and their sales strategy totally bonkers.
I think if you advertise a bit more in that direction this coulod be a huge thing...
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Hi Mark, nice to have to hear, its been a while. Thanks for the kinds words and I understand its not for everyone but one day I'll get you aboard. ;) This has been lots of fun so I can't see stopping and one day I would love to have all kinds of versions but I better not get to far ahead of myself, you give me ideas though haha. I definitely want to make a lights only controller like the bluefish (yes you can mention brand names but only when you're talking bad about them :) ) but better of course...

Unfortunately I can't help much on the outlets but yeah I've been told by others DIY is hard out there. Believe it or not I've sent 14 orders to Germany so they must be getting outlets somewhere, maybe someone will post links. At one point I thought it would be nice to stock different outlets until I looked them up, wow there are a lot types, I wouldn't know where to begin, and yeah some get very expensive.

One day I do hope to add wifi, I would like to make something that would plug in and it becomes wireless. Quite a few people ask about that, we've been spoiled and can't go back haha.

I don't know a whole lot about Apex but yeah most companies have bad sales strategies for everyone but them.  My strategy is to undercut them all which is good for everyone lol...
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Apex strategies is easy they have a little black box for every thing and they are al sold separately for a $100Plus
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