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Viparspectra adaptor to robotank
Hi can someone help me out connecting the ML viparspectra adaptor to robo tank? What wires go where, from the adaptor are coming out 3 wires.
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Hi, you can connect the 2 signal wires going into the adapter to the PWM ports, there's 8 of them. Be sure to set the dip switches under the two ports you use to 0-5v PWM. The 3rd wire should be a ground, you can connect it to the port under and to the left of the PWM ports that's marked "grounds". If you need more info let me know.
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So I have 2 adaptors for 2 lights , 3 wires per channel red yellow and black on each channel, I connect red to pwm 1 yellow to pwm2 and black to ground (can I connect 2 grounds on 1 Robo tank ground pin?) That's correct? Sorry for bothering you but I really do not want to wait again until new adaptors are on the market.

Hi Rob just figured it out that the second 3pin connector is for daisy chain. Will post some pictures when I am done.
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No worries, those will work. It sounds right that the 2nd 3pin connector is for daisy chaining. You can share a ground pin for both or more adapters.
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