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Universal AC Power Bar
Hi, thought I would post a little news. I finally got a universal power bar up and running that actually works. My last attempted I screwed up the orientation of the outlets, UK plugs were facing the wrong direction blocking the outlet across from it and 4 columns of 2 outlets was too cramped so I dropped two outlets as it's not feasible if I make it any larger due to shipping mainly. I didn't want to do it but I couldn't find a way to use 8. It's basically the same size as the North American power bar, only 3mm thicker so it doesn't look bulky.

I've went with Omron G5RL type relays as the cheaper blue ones require a snubber for any chance of reliability but at 240v the current leak from the snubber is too high. The silver lining of dropping two outlets is I can offer it at the same price as the North American version, currently that's $69.95 assembled but you do need the DB9 serial cable and a IEC type power cord, same as desktop computer. 

Here's a link to a nice document I found that shows which countries the universal sockets are compatible with.

[Image: CAM01895-optimized.jpg]
[Image: CAM01874-optimized.jpg]
[Image: CAM01897-optimized.jpg]
[Image: CAM01907-optimized.jpg]
[Image: CAM01862-optimized.jpg]
[Image: CAM01853-optimized.jpg]
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