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Temp heater issues
Very new to reef pi and have been moving along getting set up. I have v2 deluxe with power bar and have a temp sensor that appears to be working in reef pi. I went to install the heater on plus 7 and 8 and set up under temperature heater and heater threshold at 80 (cycling tank). The problem is I can manually turn on the switch, but the temperature turns it off every time it reads. I had the tank at 74 and it alway did this. What am I missing. I believe I’m on the latest version of reef pi. Any help is appreciated.
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Hi Weilerda, I think that's a bug in reef-pi, you'll need to add some control for a chiller. If you setup a fake piece of equipment you can set it to that.
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Thank you that seemed to fix. Appreciate your help.
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Good to hear.
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