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Sky Rocketing Prices and Chip Shortage
So how many of you have been noticing prices climbing after all governments stole piles of money, or should I say printed out of thin air to help the average person? It appears their goodwill also caused all kinds of supply chain issues that are still popping up, hmmmm.... Keep voting I guess...  K05163

Tonight I ordered more boards and things are starting to get serious for the controller, the 25%-700% price increases on everything can be dealt with I guess but I can't build my own components. At least 3 parts I use are getting scarce, the PCA9685 can't even be purchased today, going to have to start searching dark corners of the web. No stock until end of July which is very little, less than a full reel, and then nothing until 2022 but dates are always moving up. Adafruit alone could easily buy those up and need more. Thankfully I had a hint of this a couple months ago and ordered a lot but I only have 30 left. 

Next to go is the ATtiny85, one company in China has a few, not enough for my full order, and prices are nuts as it appears that's it until September best case and again low counts coming. I think I have maybe 20 in stock.

Then the ISO1540DR isolator, nothing till end of 2021 expect for a batch in China but they aren't cheap and probably won't last long.  Cry

Last Month          This Month          Part
$1.14                    $5.76                   ISO1540DR
$1.05                    $7.15                   ATtiny85-20

Starting to get nervous.  K05179

I've been hearing of this chip shortage for some time in computer land and cars but never thought it would affect me, ha wrong!

Had to rant, first time in 5 years on the forum, not bad.  K0519
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Yeah it’s a total nightmare to get anything these days..
Don’t know if you heard about the blocking of the Suez Canal?
But getting anything from China is a month delayed if it can get shipped at all…
Even raw material is starting to run thin…
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Yeah I heard about that, it definitely caused some issues. I've been using DHL mostly for things from China, not cheap but at least I know when I'll get it, mail it's a guessing game. Are you feeling the big lumber price increase, apparently it's over 250%, I heard on average a house cost $36,000 extra because of it. I guess the money printing is a silver lining for people with lots of debt, debt doesn't go up with inflation.
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Lumber price is about 20% up I think over here
But even stuff like raw plastic and sheetmetal is hard to get
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Yeah everyone is feeling something, for me the only other difficult thing has been PLA for cases, it was really bad 8 months ago but it seems quite a bit better now, only problem is price went up $5 a roll. Hopefully things can improve soon.
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Glad I don’t need any cases :p
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