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Robotank v6 - can not save any schedule
Hi Rob,
I have an issue with Schedules - I can not create any schedule.
I try to make schedule for the Refugium light to start at 7pm and repeat every day.  Light is connected to one of  AC outlets and repeats every day.
When I click on Save button list of schedule remain empty
This is happening for any schedule I try to create.
Refugium AC outlet exists and I can switch it on/off manually in main dashboard.
Scheduling for lights is working (at least can create and see it in list - do not have lights connected yet, it is on my ToDo list)

Is there any specific setting I overlooked ?

My controller ID is 1193334259, running version 6.1 fresh install on formatted SD. It's running on RasPi zero W.

edited: I can paste pictures directly to forum. It is showing in post editor but not in post when it is published  so I removed 2 screenshots.
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Hi Karel, oh no, I just tried and got the same, not sure when I broke it. I'm getting back at it this week so should have some kind of update later in the week. Thanks for letting me know.

Sorry the forum isn't the greatest, I think after you uploaded the images there was a button beside each that needs to be clicked to add the image to the post, uploading just puts it in your manager.
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Hi Rob,
It is working now. I can now create and save schedules and they appear in schedules list
Did you push update ?
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Hey Karel, no sorry I haven't done an update yet but I've been putting a few hours in here and there. I should have something out for next weekend.
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Hi Rob,
no problem, just want tell you it works now, no idea what changed but it is OK.
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Lol, I think I know what the problem was now, I just tried again and it didn't work, then I happened reload the webpage and it went to login screen because I was logged out, so apparently when you're not logged in you can't create schedules. I definitely need to have it auto load the login screen when the session expires. I'll also look at adding a setting to change the session length.
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