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Robo-Tank v6.0 is Ready - Now v6.3
(11-27-2021, 02:45 PM)Aquadominus Wrote: Hello Rob!!!!

I see that everything is working good with your new project and I am very happy for you. But what about US that we spend our good money buying your arduino based Robotank v5.2 and it never worked??? I thing that now that you have develope your new controller you should think and the clients that they have support you by paying almost 500$ and they bought something that never work.

Hi Aquadominus, I'm very sorry for all the troubles I caused you, I over extended what the Arduino could do. Version 4.2 is the last stable version, there wasn't much extra added to v5, it was mainly a complete rewrite of the code to optimize better so I could add more, that's what caused it to not work in some areas. I see you have the energy power bar which was the biggest change, that functionality isn't available in the older version but other than that you should be able to run v4.2.

I see we started discussing what could be done to make things right but I might not be seeing all our messages as they seem choppy and incomplete. It looks like you were going to try 4.2 but that was it. I have a newer controller I can send you that will work with reef-pi. As far as v6 it's not in a working state yet so you won't like it, I think I will get it working but there's no certainty so it would need to be either 4.2 or reef-pi at this time.
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Yes I had told you that I would try the previous version of the software, but I didn't do anything... Anyway I will try it and we will speak again.
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Hello, I actually have an update ready. 

If you have auto update on within an hour it should show the link near the time or you can go to system settings and click the "check for update" button. When the update finishes you'll only see a black screen, you need to clear your browser cache for it to work. You can press CTRL + F5 on the keyboard a few times and that should work.

Here's what was done, there were some other fixes here and there but I forgot to mark them down.

- Light should be working now.
- There was a problem with pH calibration on the 2nd point so that should work now
- Added an auto log out so people aren't using the front end logged out, now it should go to the login page after 24 hours idle.
- Custom rules - added ability to add delay to dosing pumps so they can't run more than expected. The setting was there just not added to the UI.

This is the new lighting system for now, I kind of rushed it to get them at least working, I'm still not happy with them though. The original was better and down the road I'll go that route again but with a different approach. Anyways now there are no light modes, instead things are grouped by light ports. 

This is the page with nothing setup, you'll see buttons for each light port you assign via the "configure ports" screen. To add a mode click the light port/s.

[Image: lights7.PNG]

When you click a port it'll expand and one mode will be added. To add more click the "Add Mode" button in blue bar on the right. The switch is to enable/disable the port.

[Image: lights8.PNG]

If you click the clock you get a box to change the time, you can type it in but it's buggy so I recommend using the menu instead. This is just using the browser time selector but it's garbage so I'll get this changed to something better soon.

[Image: lights9.PNG]

After you add a bunch of modes this is what it could look like. If you click the blue header you can expand and collapse the modes. 

The modes are auto sorted based on time, for example in the picture below on "DC Port 4" if you changed the mode 4:00:00 PM to 9:00:00 PM it would move to the correct location.

The light icon for each mode does nothing, I was going to add something but didn't and forgot to remove light. The garbage can deletes the mode. If you delete all the modes for a port it'll go back to being a button on the bottom of the page.

[Image: lights10.PNG]

When you disable a port it'll grey out and nothing can be changed.

[Image: lights11.PNG]

This is everything collapsed and what'll you'll see when you visit the page, click a row and it'll expand.

[Image: lights12.PNG]

You can see it's simple but not the friendliest to setup, there's no way to see how the lights will look at a specific period. If you move a slider the light will change in real time and stay at that level until an increment change in the dim. As the lights are basically set and forget this should work for today but yeah I will be making a lot of changes.
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Rob, installed the new update (6.2). My UI has disappeared. When logging in it goes to a black screen. I’ve restarted the controller to see if that would resolve it to no avail.
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(12-18-2021, 03:28 PM)albinochicken89 Wrote: Rob, installed the new update (6.2). My UI has disappeared. When logging in it goes to a black screen. I’ve restarted the controller to see if that would resolve it to no avail.
Same thing for me
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Oh sorry I forgot to mention that, you need to clear your browser cache, you can press CTRL + F5 a couple times and it should do it.
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(12-18-2021, 03:30 PM)Rob F Wrote: Oh sorry I forgot to mention that, you need to clear your browser cache, you can press CTRL + F5 a couple times and it should do it.
Hi rob 

All good thanks
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Great, if you notice anything else let me know.
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Hi Rob, update done! Now I have to test it!
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I did the update yesterday, put in my simple ramp up, hold, ramp down light profile, and it seems to be working.

Thanks for the update!!
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Thanks for letting me know. Should I continue work on the light modes or move on to something else?
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(12-19-2021, 04:50 PM)Rob F Wrote: Thanks for letting me know. Should I continue work on the light modes or move on to something else?

 I think this is all I need for light modes.  From my perspective, the next two priorities would be:
1) Create some mechanism to 'manually' run tasks.  I want an easy place so people in the house can run pre-programmed tasks, for example
- click a button to turn the lights on for 30 mins
- click a button to turn the pumps off for 10 mins
- click a button to return the system to normal program mode
- etc

2) Make the ds18b20's more reliable with long cable runs.  Unfortunately, that may not be something that can be done in software...

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Thanks Phil, I'll keep those things in mind. Nothing can be done with ds18b20's in code, when using long cables try and keep the cable separated from other AC cables. With lots of cable there's more chances for noise to get in the system.
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Just put out a little update to fix the Configure Ports screen, the Advanced view wouldn't load. The same issue also broke the disable button for schedules.

If anyone spots anything else let me know.

Remember to press CTRL + F5 on the keyboard a few times to reload the browser cache after updating.
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Thanks for the Update Rob. We appreciate the work you've been doing and look forward to further updates. Just finally fully finished my ATO System and automatic CO2 Scrubber. I plan on getting the feeder modified and going next. Followed by The Viperspectra lights. Hopefully all goes smoothly. The system and software you've built has been doing pretty well for me other then those minor hardware hickups we had with the power outlet and ph. I still think I'd like to see a live chat type community like discord where we can help each other more on the fly. Maybe if you feel your community isn't large enough you could just join an established one and have your own channels?
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No problem, glad its mostly working for you, it will slowly get there. I still need to do more thinking on a Discord, I do feel the community is too small and I guess what worries me is it'll just add to my work load and just another site I need to constantly monitor. I'll think about it more and see what happens.
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What would be the proper way to actually schedule the dosing with 6.3? i went in to schedule and noticed like all other schedules it has an on/off option. under the doser configuration you set the dose amount and calibrate. so I'm confused do i need to turn it on and back off.. i wouldn't think so? do i just trigger it on and it does the rest? or is there a totally different way I'm completely missing?
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For now you just need to create an "on" schedule, it'll run based on dose amount and pump rate. You can't manually change the pump rate, it'll get calculated after a calibration.

For simple dosing it should work, if you want to dose every hour or something well that's a lot of schedules you need to create, later I'll make it better.
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Sorry everyone I've been slow lately on the app. I've had a lot going on trying to get the hardware sorted out, I'm actually pretty happy now so give me another week or so and I should be back at it.
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I'm having this error when installing, any ideas as to what it could be?



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