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Robo-Tank v5.20 is Ready
Hey Rob, I know you mentioned the changeover from the old power bars to the new and how they switch outlets. Does the current version support the use of both types at the same time, or only one type of power bar?

In other words, I have both an old style power bar and a new energy monitoring power bar - with the V5.20 can I run both power bars, or will I need to select only one style to run at a time (example: all old style or all new style, but not an old style as PB1 and a new style as PB2)
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Hi jlysaght3, in v5.20 you can run both types of power bars, there's a setting to select the type of power bar for each one. It sounds like your using an older version and going to update, if so maybe hold off for a couple weeks while I finish the update I'm working on. I added a couple issues in 5.2 and was able to fix a couple others.
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