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Robo-Tank v5.0 is Ready
I changed the Maximum Run Time to 5 seconds.  The ATO color on the display just stays green all the time.  Does this for both Working Mode and Test Mode\
File 20190401-2137 ATO serial log.txt

20190401-2157 ATO serial log.txt

This time the ATO on the home screen stared gray the entire time.  The ATO on the home screen just says "Float Open" all the time.

Attached Files
.txt   20190401-2137 ATO serial log.txt (Size: 23.34 KB / Downloads: 58)
.txt   20190401-2157 ATO serial log.txt (Size: 15.62 KB / Downloads: 57)
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Hmmm, very interesting. Looking at the logs it appears the hardware is doing what it should. The line that prints every second, the first number to the first comma is the main ATO sensor. You can see it reads 1019 when the float is closed (ato on) and 0 when float is open (ato off), that's good.

What is the DC pump doing? Does it turn on/off in coordination with the main float when you are in test mode? If not do you have the backup float connected and closed so 5v is flowing through it? I'm not worried about the display at this point.

In the controller sketch on the ato.h tab can you find line 66, should be this.

// Serial.println(F(" --------- stopATO ---------- "));

remove the // from the beginning of the line.

Then find line 82 and you'll see a similar line but says startATO, uncomment it as well by removing the //

Then find line 145, this is the same but emergency stop. Remove the // from the beginning of the line.

Then upload to controller and open serial monitor. Those lines should appear in serial monitor when you open/close the main float. Keep it in test mode otherwise there are delays so you won't see anything for a while.
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(04-02-2019, 06:36 AM)ROB F: Does it turn on/off in coordination with the main float when you are in test mode? Wrote: Mike:  The main float has no impact on the DC pump running.  It can be in either state.  The pump only runs when the backup float input is at 5V.

I will make the changes tonight, upload the sketch, and record the serial log.
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I un-commented the ATO start, stop and emergency print line.  Same result.  The ATO pump will run any time the backup float sees 5V.  It doesn't care if the main float(port 6) is 0V or 5V, or care if the emergency stop is printed.

In the 1025 log file, i actually reset the ATO Port 6 thru the controller.  After this the display for ATO is always gray and emergency stop is never set again

In the 1030 file I toggle the display between ATO test mode and working mode.  The Ato Start or emergency stop never get printed
.txt   20190402 1025 Log.txt (Size: 6.07 KB / Downloads: 51)
.txt   20190402 1030 Log.txt (Size: 9.13 KB / Downloads: 56) again.  The pump is running the entire time because the backup float see 5 V's

1045 file.  I moved the ATO maximum run timer to 6M 5 seconds.  The log matches when i flip the main float, and prints start ATO and Stop ATO correct.  But again the pump is running the entire time, and is only shut off if the Backup float goes to 0V.

.txt   20190402 1045 Log.txt (Size: 8.65 KB / Downloads: 53)
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Hi Mike, sorry for being so slow to reply, I was down for the count yesterday. Unfortunately it's appears there is an issue with the pump port and not the code, it seems like the main MOSFET is stuck on. Going through the logs everything is doing what it should, the start/stop is always activated when it should and after an emergency stop they don't activate.

Here's how it works.

The main ATO sensor is using pin 59 which is working ok. If you look at the code where you uncommented "ATO start/stop/emergency" you will see a line like this.

   digitalWrite(49, HIGH);

This sets the voltage on Arduino pin 49, HIGH is 3.3v and LOW is 0v. This voltage is sent to a MOSFET which turns it on/off and the MOSFET then turns the pump on/off. I'm guessing this MOSFET is always getting 3.3v so it stays on.

The backup float uses a separate MOSFET and we can see this is working correctly. When this MOSFET gets 5v from float it completes the ground path to the main MOSFET, without that ground the main MOSFET can't power up and that is operating correctly because the pump does stop when you open the backup float. 

Here's an image showing where to check voltage when ATO is on and off. I'm guessing you will have the same voltage in either mode. The voltage you read here is coming from pin 49 on Arduino, if the voltage doesn't drop to 0v when ATO is off can you remove that resistor with the arrows and see if voltage is 0v on top pad when ATO is off and 3.3v when ATO is on.

If you remove the resistor and you still don't get 0v when ATO is off then the Arduino pin is damaged, if it does change from 0-3.3v then the MOSFET is likely the problem. 

[Image: ato_pump_port.jpg]
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Your response time is excellent, so no worries.  Heck, I've had this problem for month, and just getting around to it now.  Life's busy.  I've been using the backup float to top off, so fish and corals are happy.  I'll remove the resistor tonight and check the voltage.

Does the Arduino Pin 49 go to R34 Pad and then provides power to the T6 right pad? "Right Pad" as the picture is showing above
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I try but 24 hours is getting long. Before removing the resistor check the voltage to see if its constant when ATO is on and off.
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